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The Conscious Empath Tools are a set of dynamic tools and processes from a combination of different modalities with a sprinkle of new methods that when combined together create DYNAMIC change inside your energy system translating to... AWAKENING YOUR LIFE!


When you release old unconscious energies and patterns you awaken your own inner knowing. Becoming conscious and aware with these tools allow you to transcend many of the 3D programs.

When you first begin to use the tools you will feel instantaneous change within your energy system. This translates to dynamic change without having "to do" anything except listen.

Check out the video below to begin your journey.

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What makes these tools so different? 

These tools are based off of almost two decades of research to understand how the body processes through energy and information. The understanding of how energy gets stored in the energy field and how it creates the way your life shows up has allowed for people to create a DYNAMIC awakening changing their life!

People having results like: 
  • The miracle of complete healing of diseases and disorders. From cancer diagnosis to heart disease, people all over the world have transformed their energy creating dynamic changes in their bodies. 
  • Mental health disorders dramatically changing. When you understand that there really hasn't been anything wrong with you, you've just never been taught how to function in a world of disfunction... everything changes.
  • Relationships transformed. From mothers having a relationship with their kids again to spouses shifting their marriages. This work helps you to release the solidification of old patterns causing dysfunction, allowing the way you relate to others to dynamically change. 

What makes these tools so successful?

As you work through these tools they clear a deep level of energy programming. This programming is what has been keeping you looping in not having any change... so once you start releasing the programs your life just starts shifting.

From there the tools include a wide variety of new tools to learn and implement throughout your daily life to assist you with: 
  • Processing through energy and information so you are no longer in a constant state of chaos and overwhelm.
  • Releasing the past so you are constantly cycling in old energies of regret, guilt, sadness, upset, ect. 
  • Create strong boundaries. This allows you to release yourself from fixing everyone around you and also gives you freedom to start putting you first. 
  • Making good choices for yourself. Feel strong and confident with life and the choices you are making for yourself. 
  • Make new discoveries about yourself and your life. Find your joy, maybe for the first time! Start living life for you instead of spending it bending yourself to help others. It's time to get to know who you are and embrace what you came here for. 

You're an energy being lost in a world of energy programs. There has never been anything wrong with you. You just haven't been taught to function as an energetically sensitive person. Learn how to exist in this world and change everything.

Once you understand that your "differences" are your strengths and all those inner "wrongnesses" you've identified with aren't actually yours.... life becomes so different. 

You are an aware being who has been taught to internalize everything you feel. This cycle of internalization has created you continually cycling in making yourself wrong. You are not wrong. You are aware. Ready to embrace your aware now?


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