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Proven processes to successfully clear old subconscious programming, heal old emotional wounds, and negative mindsets all while calming your nervous system and expanding your intuitive gifts.

You’re different… You've always known that.
You've never really fit in.
You may have always struggled with life, finding your place...
Being so sensitive has been difficult.
Always feeling everyone and everything all the time.

Living in the constant state of exhaustion and overwhelm is well exhausting and overwhelming…. And today that is all about to change.

Welcome to The Conscious Empath
Here we have tools, processes and deep truth integrations to assist you in:

  • Awaken your empath gifts and capacities. 

  • Stop absorbing all of the emotion from everyone all around you. 

  • Clear old debts and karmic commitments so you can stop recycling all these old painful life lessons. 

  • Clear oaths, vows and commitments with others so you can be free from toxic relationships.  

  • Process through energy and information and make good choices for yourself.

  • Create strong boundaries so you are no longer stuck in people pleasing tendencies. 

  • Transmute pain and anxiety to be the help you've always desired to be. 

The Conscious Empath is not just a system of tools its a way of life....

Join The Tribe

Uncover your natural gifts and capacities with support and energy changing tools.

Get 5 days of energy clearing free!

"You are a being. You have a body. Your body is a receiving organism receiving information all the time. Allow it to do it's job. Stop internalizing everything you are receiving and set yourself free."

Jamie Bates, Founder of The Conscious Empath

Life completely changes when you become a Conscious Empath!

Stop being emotionally reactive

Just imagine not feeling emotionally reactive to everyone and everything! Functioning in high levels of emotional reaction from anger, rage, guilt, sadness...

 drain your life force and create chaos in your life. 

shame and regret

Being so sensitive and aware of everyone and everything has taken it's toll on your life. And now it seems everywhere you turn is upset and disappointment. When you use the tools you get to change these reflections and move forward guilt and regret free!

Heal family trauma patterns

Stop upholding and perpetrating the old pattens of abuse. Free yourself from the pain of the past and easily move forward without continuing the cycle. As you heal, you also release yourself from continuing to uphold the pattern. Just imagine, you no longer doing the things you hate about yourself. Finally free to love who you be! 

Create new connections and rewrite your story

As you heal you will learn how to make new connections with those around you. This will create your relationships changing without having "to do" anything! This will allow you to become present in your life. Instead of life happening to you, it will be happening for you.

Is now the time you heal your life and learn how to function as a highly sensitive person?

Once you change... everything changes...


Vanessa Keeton,
Addiction Recovery Specialist

"I have been using the conscious empath tools for over a year now. I've stopped making things wrong and have been able to approach life with so much more ease. I've been able to free myself from so many limiting mindsets and step into me. Actually landing a job making more than I have ever made and now choosing things I have never chose. Now stepping into my life's purpose as a addiction life coach."


Janie Bynolf,
Licensed Clinical Therapist

"The conscious empath tools are the most unique set of tools I’ve engaged in. I’ve not only learned and utilize these tools in my everyday life, they’re priceless in my therapy practice. These tools helped me raise the ceiling on my life beyond what I thought was possible. I can walk into situations with people with more awareness and shape my possibilities in a creative process daily. I uphold these tools in my therapy sessions and love to watch magic and expansion unfold with all of my own amazing clients. These tools are pure magic."


Ginger Sorenson,
Positive Psychology Coach

"When I first found the conscious empath tools, I was in a transitional space in my life. Working to understand where I fit in with the world after making a life change from a full time business owner to being home full time with my family. I needed a way to let go of the past connections so I could move forward with a new space full of love and acceptance of myself and others. These tools did that and more, life changing to say the least. It was like lifting years of self doubt from my shoulders, allowing new possibilities into my space. Very soon after implementing the things I had learned, my life felt lighter and my decisions felt like my own. It was like stepping into a space of ‘me’ that I had been searching for my entire life. "

The Conscious Empath system has helped thousands of people free themselves... Check out the impact here.

Mind Blowing Insights...

Once you understand that life is happening for you not to you, everything changes. It's not that you choose these experiences... it's that you've been programmed energetically to repeat the energies of your surroundings. You have actually had very little choice or other possibilities.... until now.

Message from founder Jamie Bates


I developed The Conscious Empath tools after decades of assisting people on their healing journeys as an energy healer/ massage therapist. One of things I hated about all the traditional methods was it only provided temporary relief. I wanted lasting change for not only my clients but for myself as well. I was so sick and tired of always feeling so overwhelmed, over emotional and over spent with life. I knew something else was possible. I just wasn’t sure how to get there… That's when I found consciousness work and the game changed. From there I dove in, using different tools from different systems creating a new more powerful combination of deep core healing. I am so grateful you are here and you are considering The Conscious Empath tools.

I would be so honored to have you join me.

Jamie Bates

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