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The Conscious Empath mission is to teach empaths and HSP how to process through energy and awareness so they can actualize who they came here to be.

Here at The Conscious Empath we understand energy and how energy programs have kept you looping in not having a choice or possibilities in your life.  The Conscious Empath tools are designed to release yourself from the monkey mind chatter and give you the space to be able to tap into your own inner knowing. As you deep dive into these tools you will feel the freedom settle into every area of your life. Are you ready to be free?

"You are energy, space, and consciousness... this is your being. Your being has ever thing you've ever decided, agreed to, believed in all stored within your being. This is what you create your life from. Once you can "see" what is creating your life experiences you get to make better choices for yourself and your life."

Jamie Bates, Founder of The Conscious Empath

Our Tribe

The Conscious Empath Tribe is packed full of amazing aware people embracing healing and new possibilities!

As conscious and aware beings it's important to surround yourself with a tribe of people in allowance and awareness. This assists you in creating deeper connections to healing and yourself! 

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Our Vision

Here at The Conscious Empath we desire to help humanity evolve by releasing old energy programs keeping people looping in lack and limitation. We plan to lead the way through the evolution process arming people with consciousness and awareness. 

Join the mission by healing your own energy!

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