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5 Things About Internalization That May Surprise You!

Being a highly energetically sensitive person can be a rollercoaster and quite a bumpy one at that. I'm a master internalizer. I'm as sensitive as they come and I'm aware of everything around me.... even ole Martha down the street who's covered in sadness this morning.

You may be asking yourself what even is internalization? It's when you feel something around you, for example sadness, and you take it on as your own. We are taught that if we feel it it must be ours, right? It's actually not true. We're just so aware of everyone and everything that we perceive what is going on for people around us. It's just information about our surroundings and where people are functioning.

Here's 5 things about internalization that may surprise you.

  1. It happens fast. For extremely sensitive people it's lightning fast. You feel something, identify it as yours, it triggers you, and before you know it you're feeling heavy and overwhelmed. Then you're stuck looping in stuff that isn't even yours!

  2. Everyone does it! You are not alone. This reality puts such shame and wrongness on internalizing others stuff. It doesn't mean you're bad and wrong. It doesn't mean you think everyone's world revolves around you. And you're not a big baby who can't control their emotions. It's just you haven't been taught anything else. I know I internalized everything at like 5 years old and I was made wrong by others constantly and I also made myself very wrong for it. There is nothing wrong with you!

  3. It shocks your entire energy system. It has such a stopping energy that will literally keep you circling in bs that has nothing to do with you. It takes you out of being present, out of being you, and sends you into emotional overwhelm. It's designed to stop you and keep you small and not in your knowing and truth.

  4. It's all just information. It literally has nothing to do with you. Not a thing. What other people do and choose is all theirs. You're just aware of it. Acknowledging what you are aware of (in your head or on paper of course) not making it right or wrong or about you and just being like ok I'm aware of that. It doesn't mean anything. Just receive the information because you know. You always have.

  5. It is changeable. I used to think I could never just be ok with knowing things and not making it about me. That was a huge lie for myself. When I really started putting my barriers down and just acknowledging what I was aware of, I could see it for what it was. A gift I have to know where someone is functioning and just let it flow through me. The receiving without judgment for you and judgment for others is where magical change happens.

About the author:

Clara is a Consciousness facilitator, momma of two, empath, and energy healer. You can find out more about Clara at


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